Dear Earth,

I’m reminded everyday about how much Nimrod has to offer. Even today, when I woke up in my canopy, I felt sort of blessed to be here. The sun, the stars and moons in the distance, the hunters beneath me and their talk of strategy, and the slight spray of water coming from the hydrogen falls in the distance. Surely, this is not something you can wake up to on Earth. On Earth, you can wake up to polluted air and coffee, but here on Nimrod, you can practically breathe in energy.

It took me longer than usual to find my spot here amongst the Nim. They are an amazing group of people when you get to know them. Day by day, I am learning more of the native tongue, trying to get my accent right. Whenever I’m in the canopy and doing human things like biting my nails or touching my hair, the other Nim often stare. Some of the Nim girls giggle, although I could never see myself in a relationship with a Nim girl. They are not used to seeing a human doing human things, and I do human things all 27 hours of each day.

I don’t really mind though, because life here on Nimrod: The Second of the Stars, is quite amazing. It’s unlike anything that you could imagine if you’re from Earth. There is amazing vegetation, fruits and Vekkia (like vegetables), that you would think were on steroids if you were from Earth. The Nim people live in tree towns, like canopies that are high up in the sky. The trees are unbelievably large and wide at the base. There is an intricate system of ladders and ropes to get to these tree towns. It took me a while to even discover that these towns existed. And the Nim actually have a form of agriculture, and feed everyone in their community from what grows on the land.

Daily life as I have come to know here on Nimrod is about more than just working, or driving a car (there are no cars here), or watching television. It is really just about being a tribe, at least from my perspective. Cliche, right? Anyway, the Nim do everything with each other. They gather Wolna (like wood) for fires, teach the youth Nim secrets and tales of the jungle, and enjoy each others company. Some women stay in the canopy, and some men do too. It is a very egalitarian society.

One of the other activities besides maintaining the canopy, and hunting, that I have not mentioned yet, is perhaps what I have discovered to be the most sacred part of Nim society. And it is actually surfing. Can you believe that?

It took me a long time to realize where all the Nim boys and girls were going everyday with long ovular pieces of Wolna, but it was (and still is) to the Coast. After following a group of these kids one day, I saw the beauty, and terror, of surfing on Nimrod.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love surfing, or the idea of surfing on Earth. But this kind of surfing, and at this level, almost seems ridiculous. The surfing here is on a whole other level because of the powerful tides and the closeness of the moon Saphira. 100 foot waves are considered small here, and the Nim, the Nim are probably some of the most badass surfers in this galaxy. They practically worship surfing, and are very, very good at it.

So the more time I spend here on Nimrod, the more I realize this is why I traveled through the portal in the first place. To come out here, and surf, and show these Nim that someone from Earth can also surf these waves, even if it means death at some point.

And so I am writing to Earth to say that I have to show these Nim what someone from Earth is capable of. I may lose my life out here tomorrow, but it will be damn well worth it. I figure I’m going to die on this planet anyways, one way or another, so I might as well give these Nim a good rodeo. I’m going to die on this planet and it better be doing something glorious, something for mother Earth.

I don’t have webbed feet like them, and I don’t believe the tales of their ancestors surfing while giving birth. The only thing I believe in is seeing the edge of that white, milky crest, and riding out there with the human hair on my back.

I’ll try to be careful tomorrow. I have had some good training from other Nims who were willing to teach someone from Earth. There are many things I need to remember in order to be successful: to paddle out far enough, to duck when the foamy crest is bombarding my space, to watch out for Nim sea creatures that may try to eat me or my board, and to pray to the Nim gods, although I will probably skip this last step…

I just wish someone from Earth could be there to watch me tomorrow, whether I succeed or hit bottom. I don’t know if I will be around to send this letter through the portal so I am sending it now. Hope the weather on Earth is good, and maybe I will be back in twenty or some odd years.


Anonymous Human